The iPad 2 for Teaching: Lesson Plans

I’ve been doing my lesson planning in Google Docs, but have found the switching between attendance taking tabs and planning tabs a bit clunky in my Windows 7 and browser setup. Today, I realized I could view my lesson plans in Safari on the iPad. Of course, editing those docs, taking notes on the lesson plan, or altering the plan is not possible in the Google Docs/Safari combination. So, I guess I need an app, perhaps this one. Once I get editing fucntionality, I think this will be a really great sidecar for lesson planning and keeping formative, real-time observation notes. Not groundbreaking, and not something that couldn’t be done in a notebook, but still an idea for something that will work.

Edit: After 2 minutes of play at home, I saw the “Edit” button in Google Docs – Safari. Sweet! And, the learning curve is transparent, thanks to the blog. Modeling learning through minor embarrassments daily!

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