On Arbitrary Division – A Visual Metaphor

Sometimes, humans don’t do such a great of classifying things. While the Twilight series envelops my reality, it may not be nonfiction, yet.  A Million Little Pieces is identified as semi-fictional by Wikipedia, which can serve as a comment on your choice of social concepts. In school, we divide everything up into distinct chunks and keep them separate.

Genre at Zurich Airport

Science is somehow different than mathematics, math is not language, history is not literature, athletics are not poetry, art is not history, unless it’s art history. The more I think about the compartmentalizing, stereotyping processes of the human brain, the more I believe that careful ordering of educational experiences can help unlock the potential of these processes. Rather than the current model of subject areas, an open model that was based on drawing connections between vast fields of information and experience might lead to learners able to solve problems in new ways (or old ways that predate subject areas!). Or, if not, it might be more interesting than our existing model of school.